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Weight Solutions: The New Body-Mind-Spirit Approach
by Judith Valentine, Ph.D. and Janet Cunningham, Ph.D

Weight solutions book

Introduction | To the New Body-Mind-Spirit Approach

Your Body

Knowledge of nutrition science and its relationship to our health is a constantly evolving process. As we reflect on our early understanding of medical science and recognize how far we have come, so it is that in future decades nutritional practitioners will reflect on today’s pioneering approaches. Just as information in the field of technology replaces itself every 18months, so does that of nutrition science. Therefore, in this workbook, rather than stating absolutes we attempt primarily to speak from the experiences and outcomes of our practices.

In addition there is a wide variance of opinions and approaches among nutritional practitioners…from the purists who insist on 100% organic to those who are concerned with calories only. In this Workbook, we attempt to bring a practical approach to the average person who is in the midst of considering a new direction with overall health and weight loss.

It is likely that your steps will be gradual, such as
1) eliminating carbonated beverages and artificial sweeteners,
2) adding healthy fat into your daily diet such as olive oil and butter,
3) counting carbohydrate intake per day, and other changes, over time that are acceptable to your lifestyle.

We hope that you will read and re-read this Workbook several times in order to absorb the shifts in attitude and knowledge presented. These gradual changes in your perspective will facilitate those challenging habit patterns. We have found that once inner perspective is changed, it becomes easier to break the bad habit patterns.

The confusion over diets, such as high protein/low carbohydrate, low fat, low sugar, food-combining programs and so on, makes it very difficult for you to choose one that is right for you. In addition, these weight loss/gain cycles can contribute to many illnesses such as gall bladder disease, blood sugar disorders and food addictions.

It is also true that gaining and losing weight repeatedly results in more fat on the body and less lean muscle mass. In fact, every weight loss and weight gain cycle a person goes through usually results in a loss of muscle and a gain of fat. As many know, it is difficult to build new muscle. So it is important to keep the muscles you have.

You may be gaining weight from eating too many simple carbohydrates, which in nutrition-lingo translates into too much sugar. These simple carbohydrates convert immediately into blood sugar (glucose) creating abnormally high levels in the bloodstream. Every time you eat them, the body responds by producing insulin. Continuous insulin production is your enemy when trying to manage or lose weight.

Insulin’s job is to remove the excess blood sugar from your bloodstream. Unfortunately, for most of us, the excess then gets stored into fat cells!

If you are eating these carbohydrates several times a day, you can be gaining weight every time you eat them. So you can see that the key to weight loss and weight management is to lower and manage carbohydrate levels, especially simple, fast-acting carbohydrates.

How Sugars Work in the Body
Simple Sugars = Fast Acting = Glycemic = Blood Sugar Raising
Complex Sugars = Slow Acting = Less Glycemic = Blood Sugar Balancing

New research in biochemistry tells us that certain nutrients help us to manage blood sugar levels; therefore, our Plan addresses the need for nutritional supplements. We believe, and there is a lot of evidence to support, that we no longer get a proper balance of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) from diet alone. Farming techniques are less health supportive today than in the past, and many foods are transported over long distance from their source to the manufacturer. During this transport time, they continue to lose nutrients. Then the manufacturing process of foods such as wheat and corn can deplete up to 20 important vitamins and minerals. Cooking and freezing further diminishes nutrients.

The end result is that the typical American diet actually provides very little nourishment compared to foods produced by the farming and harvesting of years ago. We know of pre-packaged deserts which when placed on a plate and left uncovered for weeks or months, will not crumble, mold or decompose. In fact the bugs will not even eat them!

The manufacturing processes can be so vast that in the
end one can hardly call it food!

In a healthy state the body is capable of storing many vitamins, minerals and other essential compounds. It is like money in the bank and withdrawals are made on an as-needed basis. If the bank account is not being replenished, over time you end up with a zero balance. The crisis is even greater when your nutrient accounts are not being replenished daily. Initially the symptoms may be slight; however, the intensity and severity increases over time making you more vulnerable to illness and disease.

As if this were not bad enough, the typical western diet is high in what we call anti-nutrients. Many food companies add flavor enhancers, sugars and other additives to replace missing components lost in the manufacturing process. Anti-nutrients are like bank robbers who steal from your already waning account. It is no wonder we are operating on a deficit for most of our lives. Americans are the richest people in the world with access to the most food, and yet we suffer the highest levels of illness and disease. This is also becoming true of other technologically-advanced societies around the globe.

Finally, it is well known that today we are exposed to an increasing toxic environment which creates enormous stress on the body’s immune system. Stress depletes all nutrients; therefore, you need more, not fewer nutrients, to fight back. So we will be recommending a quality multi-vitamin and mineral product, as well as supplements which will help support your weight-loss process.

Your Mind

Our New Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Weight Management focuses upon the wholeness and interconnectedness of your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Until recent years, the body and mind were considered to be completely separate. All scientific studies and research has followed, and continues to follow, that paradigm.

Especially related to weight management, the medical establishment has long-ignored one’s mind and emotions as having anything to do with the physical body. In addition, childhood programming, decisions, and/or emotional experiences were not recognized as having any effect upon a person’s eating patterns. Those of us in body-mind research know differently. The problem is that millions of people have tried to follow various and conflicting diet guidelines over the years with enormous frustration. When the negative mental or emotional energy rises, you are likely to sabotage yourself. If this occurs, we encourage you to seek outside support.

Changing negative eating habits and beginning weight loss
will often trigger unconscious stored memories and emotion.
This rising energy must be addressed for continued success.

Reasons we hold on to excess body fat must be addressed. Without an understanding of the underlying causes for your sabotage, you may begin to feel discouraged at not being able to stay with a healthy eating program.

You may lose weight successfully, but gain it all back. You may begin to feel that permanent weight loss is hopeless and that there is no solution to the problem. This perception can increase the feeling of helplessness and low self-esteem related to your body. To make matters worse, everywhere you turn the media promises over-night miracles. Most people who have dieted over time fall into a downward spiral of discouragement mentally and emotionally.

In addition, you may not be aware that you may have caused damage to your physical body from continuous dieting. The good news is, however, that the body is always moving towards wellness, especially due to the physical improvements that can take place as a result of a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Our Plan will have you get in touch with your thoughts and emotions. In so doing, you will begin to acknowledge, value, and give attention to your inner self. It will help to strengthen your resolve, and you will learn more about who you are!

Your Spirit

We believe that our body is the vessel for our spirit. Your spirit moves in and through this physical vehicle with every breath that you take.

When your health is diminished, or your body is not operating at its optimum,
it affects the energy that your spirit expresses in the world.

The word spirit is also referred to as life force. In Hinduism, this life force is called prana, in China, it is called chi, and in Japan it is called ki. You can sense or feel a person’s vitality and strength through his or her energy field. In a similar manner, we can sense a person’s weakened energy field when he or she is ill, or health is diminishing.

Your spirit is carried by the form or vehicle created by the joining of your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg. Your developing fetus carries the genealogy of your ancestors. This means that you may be predisposed to certain health issues according to those of your parents and grandparents. Until recently, genealogy was considered to be the primary determiner of your potential future health issues.

Nutrition and lifestyle choices deepen your inner work. The changes go beyond simply adjusting diet and increasing exercise. New research indicates that your nutrition and lifestyle choices will have a great impact upon the health of your body-mind-spirit. Our plan will explore this as we encourage you to get more in touch with your spirit, which we also refer to as your inner self.

Clients have confirmed our belief that all of your answers are within you! The examples we have used in this workbook are actual case histories. Names and occasional descriptions have been changed to protect privacy.

In considering our body-mind-spirit approach to weight management, we sincerely hope our Plan will bring greater success to your well being. We believe it will offer you the steps necessary to create a future with increased – rather than waning – health and vitality. Through our experience, we have found that there is also a mind connection; what we think about our bodies is what we, in fact, create.

Through our experience, we have found that there is also a mind connection – what we think about our bodies (our perspective) is what we, in fact, create. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cellular biologist at Stanford, of the four billion bits of information that our nervous system takes in every second, only about two thousand bits can be processed consciously. Therefore, over 99% of your thoughts and emotions are unconscious to you. Your childhood memories, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and programming automatically move through your unconscious mind yet affect every aspect of your life.

Less understood in today’s world, however, is how your spirit is reflected in the physical body. You can either be diminishing or fueling your spirit. When you are in alignment – body mind and spirit – you are heightened physically, mentally, and spiritually. When these three forms synchronize, your ability to succeed is certain. That is because you have a greater potential to experience profound joy in relationships, in careers, and in any other life goals.

Before you turn to The Plan, be sure to read the important pages following in the section called, “Your Body – Judith Speaks.” This will give you a new perspective on fats and carbohydrate addiction.

We believe that the biggest misunderstanding in food choices
today is in the area of low-fat diets and carbohydrates.

An over-emphasis on low fat food is fundamentally unhealthy and contributes to carbohydrate addictions and weight gain. When the body is deprived of healthy and essential fats, carbohydrate cravings result. Therefore, an awareness of basic nutrition and how it affects your success or failure is the first step to discover your the way out of the weight loss maze.


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